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met the lovely haku who is the biggest sweetie ever oh my gosh. they’re just so pleasant and a great cosplayer and?? dang what a cutiepie

匿名 said: Is it too personal to ask how you and Von are intimate? If you were born with female parts and so fourth? You don't have to answer I just want to clear up my ignorance on the subject. I love you and your blog and I hope you have a good day.~

i will try to say this the best way i can:

dont imagine what kinds of “parts” people have especially if you dont know them

candied-tentacles said: I just wanted to say that I don't know if these anons saying all this stuff about eating disorders and what not know that they are being really rude or if they are just trying to stir shit. Either way, I applaud you for being so patient with them intruding upon your personal life. If it was me, I would've smacked a bitch by now lmao.

i mean, you cant give me too much credit bc im not exactly being polite to them but im also aware theyre not being purposefully mean as opposed to insisting on health fr what they think is best for me. still not very aware or considerate or reading between the lines of what i post on here but i cant get too angry at them for that if theyre not being really purposefully malicious

匿名 said: You're a really cool person. Don't listen stupid people, you are perfect the way you are. I have a lot of admiration for you and your work. And you have really wonderful hair.

thank u, im honestly real far from perfect but i hope to make good work ill be proud to show on here someday

v0nvamp said: you would make an amazing heine from dogs: bullets and carnage

gotta read dogs ;;;;;

匿名 said: I really like your clothes and the way you do your makeup~~

thank u!!! ive recently been dressed like garbage but im trying to look cool(tm) again


agnes b. a/w 13

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匿名 said: so many people on your blog because we lIKE LIKE YOU

匿名 said: yeah dont you listen to those little butt booties they cant do shit u are perfect no matter what and hot damn you are attractive


匿名 said: I see that ur blog has very dark side... Is that something u are attracted to? Dark and evil?


mergingconstellations said: "yeah i mean to my knowledge most ppl are aware that guys are fine showing their chests" hell yeah dude tell them I'm so sick of seeing people misgender you I'm sorry


匿名 said: Dude u gotta eat put on some fat...u look anorexic

do not talk to me about food or what you think is good for me

匿名 said: Some of ur friends are sick. Like physically. Eating disorder...I know this cause I went through that experience. You are probably gonna be mine your own business but consider it as a person to person concern and love for all ur cosplays. Hope you don't get caught by that disorder..


匿名 said: Does Von ever tries to feed u more?

no, von is very aware of my own comfort levels and needs and has never pressured me to do anything im uncomfortable with. he even goes out of his way to ensure i won’t feel weird or uncomfortable in public situations that id normally feel tense in

匿名 said: You're ok with your nipple showing?!

yeah i mean to my knowledge most ppl are aware that guys are fine showing their chests