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匿名 said: Did u kno!!! !! In many languages nonbinary pronouns rly do exist, and some languages don't even have binary pronouns!!! For examp ppl cant say she in my language, they gotta say "this/that woman" if they wanna show gender!! ! So ppl should rly shut the @#$ abt nonbinary pronouns not existing in other langs!!!! (ps pls come live in my country omg)


匿名 said: "i don´t have a gender" "don´t refer to me as she" well we ARE born with only TWO fucking genders and it is hard for people to use "they" especially because that only works in english. you´re really too special for all of us, why not move to a world without female and male because if people refer to you as "he" it´s also fucking wrong. seems like existing is wrong, we should all get the different chromosomes injected to are allowed to live in this world right?


yea i kno russia is a really awful place for androgynous, gay, nonbinary, trans, anyone that isnt traditionally male or female but it still bothers me i have a whole fan community on there that exclusively refers to me as “she” like you are missing the point entirely,



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匿名 said: what is your thoughts about chubby girl? does i need to be so thin to be able for someone to like me? i'm just so sad

i dont rly care abt the size of my friends. if sumone says u need to be thin to b friends w them then that’s not rly a friendship is it

匿名 said: haku what is your opinion on plastic surgery? do you think people who do it (for non-medical reasons) are narcissistic? like if someone doesn't like something (or a lot of things...) about themselves, and wanted to change it.

good opinion tbh. find a good doctor and do what u want, nothing’s wrong with it. it’s ur body

匿名 said: Were you in Russia? Do you speak Russian?

no and no but id like to speak it

where is a tsukiyama i can hire on an hourly basis as a cuddle buddy