Nakamura taiyou-dou 中村太陽堂 - Nakamura sun temple of "Household soap, toothpaste club" advertising - 1927

匿名: What's your opinion on nounself pronouns?

i didnt even know that whole culture existed before seeing it on tumblr. i don’t really have an opinion on it nor do i have friends that tell me to address them in those ways. personally i’m completely fine with he/she/they and i just end up using they for about everyone out of habit in conversation because it’s safe, a verbal reflex, and i have bad memory. and even “they” in the singular is something i never actually hear used outside of certain social circles irl.
i am fine being addressed either as he or they to allow flexibility, but i’ve noticed that i probably come across as way too feminine for people to ever respect either of those most of the time in reality bc i wear makeup and have a smallish body frame. it sucks but i really can’t get upset with others’ perception of me because here, as it is in many countries, the tropes of “male” and “female” are incredibly rigid and ingrained from a young age and its not like everyone can rewrite their perception to suit my preferences. i can’t really imagine how people with such intense specificities to their identity get by.

匿名: hello Haku ! sorry to bother you with that, but I would like to know what the brand of that grey japanese flip phone you used to own was ? thanks !

i never had a grey japanese flip phone, i did have an LG lollipop freshman year of college before i switched to smartphones

匿名: hi, how did u meet von?(who approached who first? )what made you 2 start talking?and what made you 2 get close? also what made you guys decide to get in a ship?

i don’t remember too well but our first conversation was at otakon 7 years ago over my dir en grey cosplay, and then over dir. we stayed in semi loose contact until maybe 1 1/2 years ago or so. we started to get close a year ago talking about life and identity and also anime/game interests. and for the record i think u mean “relationship” not “ship.” also our relationship snuck up on both of us - we were both very much uninterested in having any kind of relationship until we realized we were already kind of in one.

ghivrti: Hello haku! I was just wondering on how you did a fashion portfolio? I'm a junior in high school and I have always loved fashion, and it recently hit me that I could go to school for it and maybe not suck idk. But I'm afraid it's too late because I barely know how to sew, but I can design clothes (I would like to think) idk you're in design school so I figure I would ask how do you get ready for it?? I'm sorry if this is a bother though.

school will be interested in a well rounded portfolio more than anything, though experience in fashion illustration or at least decent attempts added in to other staple portfolio pieces would be best. for fashion you need to be able to do literally everything - from branding to understanding construction to selling yourself and making a unique voice in a contrived exhausted and rehashed industry. but as for sewing most places are ok if you can’t sew though it helps to know before ur thrown into it. getting into fashion school is not hard. graduating is.

匿名: Would you mind making a video of how you cut your hair? I really want to cut mine llike that but don't want t spend so much money in a hairdresser (I already checked out youtube videos, noooone good!) thank you haku!

i cut my hair way too haphazardly to make any kind of proper video out of it and i also don’t rly like videos so..sorry, i appreciate the sentiment tho

Lillies and Remains – This City


Reading for Male and Female Corpses by Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook 1998


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匿名: How do you feel about people who say "Ana is my best friend?" :((


Very angry

Fuck pro-ana. Fuck thinspo. This shit ain’t cute and it sure as hell doesn’t look like one of your ~~black-and-white depression blogs~~ or whatever

It’s visceral and painful and it’ll take everything from you and then after years of misery it’ll kill you. That is not what one should look for in a best friend.


Yoko Kanno (Arnor Dan) – bless